Mahi-Mahi Fishery in Costa Rica

The CEO of Sea Delight with Certificate 22 Since July 2009, Sea Delight has participated in the USAID Environmental and Labor Excellence (ELE) For CAFTA-DR Program. Upon the program completion, it has been trying to support the development of a Fishery Improvement Project in this country by engaging its supplier and other industry players.

Project Goals include:

  • Improving Value Chain
  • Changing fisheries practices (circle hook, fishing lines)
  • Establishing tracking system and Chain of Custody
  • Continue to raise awareness in fishermen
  • Strengthen partnerships established between importers, processors and fishermen

November 2012, The Sea Delight Ocean Fund committed to providing funding towards the cost of the MSC pre-assessment of the fishery; we are currently waiting for guidance on how to participate. This improvement effort is currently taking positive steps to address challenges in the fishery.

May 2015, Adriana Sánchez-Lindsay participated in the "First National Forum: Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) as a tool towards sustainable fisheries" organized by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), Walmart Mexico & Central America, Federación Nacional del Sector Pesquero y Afines (FENAPESCA) and Cámara Nacional de Exportadores de Productos Pesqueros CANEPP). She spoke of the importance of sustainable seafood and FIPs in the U.S. market and encouraged participants to continue supporting efforts to develop a FIP for mahi-mahi in Costa Rica.