Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)- Grouper and Snapper Fishery in Luwuk Banggai Islands in Indonesia

Indonesian Snapper and Grouper Fishery Improvement Report

Snapper and grouper are the primary components of regional mixed species handline and bottom longline fisheries. A 2010 MSC pre-assessment of the fisheries identified areas for improvement, including:

  • Lack of governance and management plans
  • Weak institutional frameworks
  • Lack of research on stock status, fleet composition, harvest strategies, and bycatch;

A regional snapper and grouper FIP was established with the goal of becoming MSC certified. In October 2010 Sea Delight joined the Seafood Savers program as a prerequisite for FIP participation. Seafood Savers is a program led by WWF-ID that engages seafood businesses to work in and promote sustainable fisheries. The Seafood Savers program brakes down the FIP action plan into specific, ground level activities that are then tasked to Seafood Savers’ members and other FIP stakeholders. Seafood Savers and WWF-ID estimate that a five-year timeline is needed to complete all initial company activities. As a former participant in good standing, Sea Delight engaged its supply chain in FIP activities for handline caught snapper and grouper from the Luwuk-Banggai area of Indonesia.

In February 2016 Sea Delight decided to respectfully withdraw as an officially recognized stakeholder in the WWF Indonesia (WWF-ID) snapper and grouper FIP. The decision to withdraw was based upon company specific needs at the processor level and does not reflect a change of interest in supporting improvement processes for source fisheries. Sea Delight will be aiding WWF – ID in transitioning existing activities over to their processor.

Project Highlights include:

  • Fisheries management regulations developed for grouper awaiting approval from government;
  • Logbook data collection activities at processors continued in Pagimana, Pangkalaseang, and Banggai Laut for use in stock assessments;
  • Landings data collection activities using Android app continued at landing sites in Pagimana, Pangkalaseang, and Banggai Laut;
  • SPOT Tracker devices to map fishing grounds continued in Pagimana, Pangkalaseang, and Banggai Laut;
  • PCommunity-based surveillance activities pilot testing continued in Pangkalaseang.

The Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) will continue under the leadership of WWF Indonesia. For more information about this FIP please contact Maskur Tamanyira at or Niki Nofari at