Internship Opportunity for Graduate Students at the University of Florida

In an effort to support international education, the Sea Delight Ocean Fund has developed an internship program for graduate students from the University of Florida that will provide them with "hands-on" experience working in existing Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). Students will work on real fisheries's issues in Vietnam and Indonesia. Both FIPs and BFPIs are multifaceted and provide opportunities for students interested in:

  1. Fisheries policy and enforcement
  2. Fisheries management and research
  3. Population dynamics and ecology
  4. Community outreach and development
  5. Eco-tourism
  6. Learning or developing language skills in Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia or Vietnamese

Graduate student interns will spend a full semester (either Spring or Fall) in the country and working on the respective fishery improvement efforts. During this internship the student will work closely with regional contacts to implement activities in the FIP or BFPI, which could include data collection, data compilation and analysis, and community outreach.

The student will receive a scholarship to help defray expenses incurred by a semester abroad, as well a stipend to cover their travel costs, lodging, and living expenses during their internship in the country selected. Candidates for the internship will be selected competitively using a panel of Sea Delight personnel, UF Faculty, and regional contacts. The student will submit a report of accomplishments at the end of their visit, to summarize how their work contributed to the fishery improvement efforts. To launch this internship program we will award two internships for the Spring semester of 2015.

For more information about this program, please contact: Adriana Sanchez-Lindsay,


Sea Delight Ocean Fund's First Intern, Emmy Wassenius

Emmy Wassenius is pursuing a BSc in Marine Biology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She has a great interest in the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems and thus an interest in fisheries management. She interned during the Summer of 2013 with the Lagi Mixed Bottomfish FIP, helping with data collection in order to assess the state of the fish stocks and the sustainability of the fisheries.

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