Better Fishing Practices Initiative (BFPI)- Wild-caught Snapper and Grouper from La Gi, Binh Thuan Province Handline Fishery

Vietnam Snapper and Grouper Better Fishing Practice Initiative

The Vietnam Tuna Better Fishing Practices Initiative

Project Highlights include:

  • Collected stock information;
  • Created catch profiles from observer trips;
  • Collected data on non-­‐target species;
  • Assessed impacts of the fishery on ETP species;
  • Collected information on fishing grounds and characteristics of fishing trips; and
  • Collected biological samples from reproductive organs to get a picture of stock status, health, and age distribution.

In 2011 Sea Delight, LLC began to engage its supply chain in improvement activities for the deepwater handline fishery for snapper and grouper based out of La Gi, Binh Thuan province. These improvements were defined as a better fishing practices initiative (BFPI). As part of this initiative, Sea Delight implemented a traceability system with their supplier prior to the development of a MOU with WWF. In 2012 additional improvement activities were added to the workload as part of an official MOU with WWF.

After conducting approximately a year and a half of improvement work under the terms of the MOU, on December 4, 2014 Sea Delight, WWF CTI and the Sub-­‐Department of Capture Fisheries and Resource Protection (DECAFIREP) of Binh Thuan Province met to officially close the BFPI and begin exploration of a possible full FIP for the fishery. Sea Delight and WWF are presently assessing the fishery landscape to see if the proper enabling conditions are present to create a successful FIP and pick up where the BFPI finished.

Unfortunately, there has not been expressed interest in conducting a MSC pre-assessment in this fishery and moving forward with establishing a FULL FIP. For more information about this project or if interested in starting a FIP for this fishery, please contact us at