Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)- Wild-caught Yellowfin Tuna, Handline and Longline Fishery in Vietnam

Indonesian Snapper and Grouper Fishery Improvement Report

Sea Delight, LLC has sourced yellowfin tuna from the handline and longline fisheries in Vietnam since 2011.Starting March 27, 2012 Sea Delight began implementing improvements within their own supply chain through a better fishing practices initiative (BFPI). The overarching goals of the BFPI were to increase the use of circle hooks among longline fishing vessels, increase observer coverage aboard longline vessels, and move the BFPI toward a FIP.

Sea Delight’s BFPI was successfully completed in October 2013 and the company has since transfered the FIP to be managed by Sea Delight Ocean Fund and also signed a partner agreement (MOU) with WWF-VN and WWF-CTNI Sea Delight to become a recognized FIP Partner in good standing.

The FIP is now proceeding with its Action Plan and has been making steady progress and a new MOU with WWF-US, Sea Delight, LLC and Sea Delight Ocean Fund, was signed in March 2016 to bring Sea Delight’s FIP involvement with WWF in Peru, Ecuador, and Vietnam into alignment. The stated end goal for the improvement project is MSC certification in 2020.

Updated information on this FIP progress is now available in profile Vietnam yellowfin tuna - longline/handline

Project Highlights include:

  • Organized two fishery observer training batches that covered 15 observers, 20 fishing trips, and included fishing debrief sessions.
  • Completed a study on the current status of management, exploitation, trade, and consumption of shark species. The study results will inform future management regulations for sharks in the fishery.
  • Produced communication products to raise awareness on the conservation of sea turtles and certain shark species.
  • Completed a traceability study to inform FIP participant traceability requirements (i.e. Fit 4 FIP traceability).
  • Supported staff from the Vietnam Research Institute for Fisheries Management to attend the annual WCPFC Science Committee meeting in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, to begin the process of aligning stock assessment methodologies with those used by WCPFC scientists.
  • The Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Resource Development approved the National Tuna Management Plan that covered many recommendations from the FIP Action Plan through Decision No. 3562/QD-BNN-TCTS and also set specific goals around tuna fisheries in Vietnam achieving MSC certification.

The Sea Delight Ocean Fund will continue support these efforts and seek support from other industry players for this project